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back now with more of "today" on this friday, the very first day of february, 2013. out on the plaza, getting the party started, kicking off super bowl weekend. inside studio 1a i'm willie geist along with tamron hall. natalie and alre kicking off field trip fridays. they're in the super bowl cities. al is out in san francisco. natalie is in baltimore. it's been a wild morning for both of them. let's start with you and the underdog ravens? how is it looking there? >> coming up, i'll give you a little taste of baulltimore. i'll eat my way through the city. all i can tell you is on the menu, crabs shall crabs and more
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crabs. does it get any more delicious than this? coming up, you all were talking about ray lewis' whole pregame warm-up with that really emotional dance. coming up, we've got some members of the audience that will teach you the dance. >> tamron is already doing it, natalie. while you were speaking, she was doing the dance. >> the camera wasn't on me. >> she'll do it for the audience. >> i'll break it down a little bit later. and let's check in with al and san fran where the party is going on. some superstars with us. we've got joe montana, who knows about winning a super bowl or two. and wee got beyonce, who knows about singing at a super bowl or two. and we've got crab coming up, too. we've got our own crab. crab, crab and more crab.
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we've got sourdough bread. here in san francisco. >> wow! >> we've got it all for 9.99. you can get a double. al, we'll check back with you. that hot chocolate sounds delicious. >> i didn't know that san fran was known for crabs. i knew baltimore crabs but did you know san fran? >> it's the blue crab. blue crab. >> dungeness crab. >> blue crab. >> dungeness crab. >> what is she doing? >> it's been a long morning. >> she's gone crab mad. >> we're starting to lose natalie. i don't know who that woman is. >> thanks, guys. "today's" take three. we'll keep it on the subject of the super bowl. maybe you've seen it. beyonce had a press conference in new orleans where she'll be performing at half time. there's been a big flap about
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whether or not she was singing or had some help with the inaugurati inauguration. here is what she did as she walked out on to the stage before that press conference started ♪ o say can you see and the home of the brave the brave ♪ any questions? >> that's what we call, tamron, a drop the mike situation. >> i was thinking, did jay-z -- that was a jay-z moment. you see the couple there. twitter went on fire after this. it was beautiful. not just the singing but how she executed -- one headline said "hi, haters." >> great way to handle it. really, you think i can't sing? watch this.
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>> i'm going to walk out looking ridiculously amazing, per usual, politely walk up and just kill it. >> and then after the press conference she was asked about the inauguration, the national anthem. she said she didn't have time to rehearse with that orchestra because of the weather, there was a delay, no sound check. she didn't feel comfortable singing it live. she was singing but had a backup track, which a lot of artists have as well. >> she's a virgo. >> you're going into astrology on this now? you're taking it down a path i didn't want to go down. she's a virgo. >> i'm a virgo and she often cites michael jackson, who is a virgo, and they tend to be extreme perfectionists, over the top, having everything right. >> so it was in the stars? >> you're going to see stars. >> how about take two, the super bowl super kiss? super bowl ad for the web development company commercial features world famous
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super model bar refaeli and actor jesse heiman. this isn't even kissing. this is throwing down. the idea of a perfect match, they say, when sexy meets smart, your small business scores. >> right. >> this is the one they're going to run during the super bowl on sunday. this goes on for quite some time. there was a version that was supposedly rejected by cbs where they played tonsil hockey. >> they're tonguing? >> like deep. >> french kissing. >> we had to blur it out, believe it or not. >> it's that bad you had to blur it out? i'm just being dramatic. i actually thought, okay, if he -- listen, there's someone for everyone. if he looked like george clooney and he was kissing her affectionately like that, would it have been edited out? is it because people are like, eww? >> i don't want to see two tongues wrapped around each other during the super bowl. it's just a little much. >> when you say it like that --
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>> for the record, bar refaeli, who famously dated leonardo dicaprio says that jesse was a good kisser. >> we're watching football. >> we're not all adults watching the game. >> oh, okay. . >> take three, first day of february. want to show you a couple of cool things. new flavor from ben and jerry's ice cream in honor of the final episode last night of "30 rock." this is liz lemon greek frozen yogurt. >> there's been a big buzz online about ben and jerry's coming out with an ice cream in honor of the show. people were speculating. this is it. >> has a blueberry lavender swirl. >> this is yogurt? >> frozen greek yogurt. >> it tastes like ice cream. it's very good.
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>> are these mine? >> for the low, low price of -- >> 9.99. >> $300. >> what? >> they can grow to 71" tall, super roses. >> in my heels, which are five inches, i am like 5'9", 5'10". >> yeah, so those are about 5'8", 5'7". >> with my bruno mars hair. >> they last seven to ten days, come from ecuador, can only be grown down near the equator. they're very expensive. if you have the cash and went to send a dozen of them, 300 bucks that come in the vaz and everything. >> ladies are worth it. guys don't want flowers for valentine's day. you want to give them, right? >> not those, per se. they're $300. >> your wife is worth it. two kids, you've been with her since high school. you can't pony up $300? >> half dozen, $150. >> what if i just take the top? >> you get to keep the roses. you go home happy.
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don't worry about it. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> and we'll make the swing over to some of the other top headlines of the day. >> thank you, willie. a lot to talk about. the labor department reports that employers report 157,000 jobs in january. however, the unemployment rose to 7.9% in january, up a notch from december's 7.8%. people here in new york city and across crit are remembering new york city mayor ed koch who died overnight from congestive heart failure. new york city mayor michael bloomberg called him the city's champion. he was 88 years old. deadly attack targeted at the u.s. embassy in turkey. suicide bomber detonated his device in a building entrance at a security checkpoint leading to the visa section. at least three people were killed. dozens of people are dead
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and at least 100 others injured after a massive explosion inside a state-owned oil complex. rescuers are searching through the rubble to see if anyone is still trapped at this hour. investigators don't know yet what caused the blaze. and meet sam, the cat with eyebrows? >> oh, my. >> yes, oh, my. really it's two spots of black fur above his eyes. the shape of the brows make him look like he's sad. according to his twitter account which he monitors daily, is leading a happy life. the perplexed feline has 10,000 instagram followers. he's cute. nine minutes after the hour. that is your update, from feline to facts. >> another animal with a twitter account. >> i'm having mixed feelings of all the animals with instagrams. i love animals. i had two dogs, at one point i had two cats and a bird. >> how was that working out?
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>> my friends call me ace ventura. >> that's not a compliment, by the way. >> i know. >> let's check in with al. >> i know you hate when pets instagram pictures of their food. just unbelievable. >> quite a pair. >> you've got all our friends here, hanging out. all the niners folks. man, it's early here. you know these are die-hard niner fans when you're talking about getting up. oh, gosh, it's after 6:00. let's check your weather, show you what's happening. ooh-wee. we are talking about bitterly cold weather coming across the plains. look at these temperatures. air temperatures. 13 below in minneapolis. it feels like 25 below. oh, man, that's brutal. we have lake-effect snow to talk about as well. we were talking about the great
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lakes. no ice on the lakes. you can see, quite a bit of snow going through southern new jersey this morning. and we're going to be looking at about one to three inches from d.c. to lower new jersey. locally, 12 inches of lake-effect snow between erie and buffalo. christina lauren over here. our meteorologist, morning meteorologist from here, nbc bay local area news. so you like this weather, right? >> i like getting to stand next to al roker in san francisco. >> oh, well, there you go. all right. when i say here's what's happening in your neck of the >> good morning. a disturbance moving across this morning with some snow showers. the pressure coming in with more cold
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>> and that's your latest weather. willie, tamron? >> thanks, al. fresh off the wind of the screen actor guild awards for "argo," ben from his new nbc dr "deception." that is equivalent of winning best picture in those awards. you guys were sturned. >> yeah, we were. it's embarrassing how just happy -- i know i should be cool and like, awards don't mean anything to me. but i was like, yes! i have been smiling like nonstop. and it's great because once you get one of those awards, you can walk up to anybody at the party afterwards. i was going up to daniel day lewis, anybody i wanted to. because, hey, i got an award. you got an award. >> that lasts for one night, by
9:13 am
the way. >> i tried to talk to kevin spacey -- don't know what i was thinking. >> the show "deception" huge buzz. people love it. you're teaming up with victor garmin. the hits keep coming. >> you're directing an episode coming up? >> i direct episode seven. you'll notice. it's so different. >> yeah, i am directing. >> is the show fun to make? anything about crazy, rich people seems to work. >> yes. >> by the way, you're the suspect right now. >> i am. i'm a naughty, naughty -- >> do you know where this is going? >> i had no idea. we just finished the last episode tuesday. and we were like, oh, my god, oh, my god, he did it. he did it. it all makes total sense but we were all surprised. and liz is a great writer and
9:14 am
producer. >> the show is great. people are catching on to it now. at a ti tate donovan, nice to see you. you can catch the show right here. from baltimore and sfo but first these messages. ♪ you're cute. [ door closes ] [ female announcer ] new special k protein cereal helps keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? [ traffic sounds ] ♪ help satisfy your hunger longer with the special k protein line. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? she can't always move the way she wants. now you can. with stayfree ultra thins. flexible layers move with your body
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a stimulating scalp massage with caffeine. fall fight fights breaking... falling... it's proven! you save up to 1500 strands, each month! get stronger, fuller looking hair. fructis fall fight! the most important part of football is tailgating. since it's the super bowl you can bet that there's some tailgates going on out there in san francisco. al, what have you got? >> with the san francisco planning commission, you're smack dab in the dungeness crab season. >> we're in the middle of it. >> bertd than the blue crab. look at those arms, line backer arms. what have you got here?
9:18 am
>> world famous dungeness crab cakes. >> crab sushi, everything here. of course, the cable car, of course, is indicative of san francisco. what have we got going on up here? >> the whole city is vibrant. cocktails from jasper's, gold rush, bourbon, lime juice. >> sourdough bread. >> this is master baker padilla. >> you made me a nice sourdough sign. very nice. and our friends from ghiradelli. is this hot chocolate? >> oh, yeah. nothing like a little hot chocolate with bourbon with some sorry dough after you've had some crabs. they know how to party here in san francisco. >> little jealous. >> little bourbon doesn't hurt. thank you, al. natalie is having a wonderful
9:19 am
time with the fans in baltimore. on the menu, bourbon, natalie? >> crab, crab and more crab. right across the way in the inner harbor here. good to see you here. tell me what we've got. >> we're so excited to be part of the super bowl. we are just as excited about our tailgate food as we are the super bowl. >> crab mac n cheese? >> crab mac n cheese. >> i already digged in here. >> crab soup, cheesy crab dip. our famous crab soup, steam crab. >> blue crab, right? >> absolutely. it's gigantic. famous crab cakes, our favorite. >> what's the difference between the crab cakes here and the crab cakes anywhere else in the world? >> they're better. they're bigger and better just like our ravens. >> exactly. they're biggerer a eand better. >> go, team! >> i understand there's a national cake here.
9:20 am
>> maryland state cake. our version of the smi island cake. >> what's in here? >> yellow cake, chocolate fudge icing and it's absolutely delicious. >> this is gorgeous. >> we have -- >> isn't that beautiful? >> it's amazing what they can do. that's edible. who is that, ray lewis? >> ray lewis. >> and finally -- >> let's go, baltimore. >> go ravens! here's to you, willie and tamron. >> we're waiting for you to learn to squirrel, ray lewis' signature dance. >> that's coming up in 20 minutes. >> willie is going to start stretching. he needs 20 minutes to stretch those joints. >> it's going to be bad. >> warm up. warm up. getting that summer glow in the winter. first, stretching and these messages. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] let's take every drop of courage, every ounce of inspiration,
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♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker. today is going to be epic. quaker up. this morning, we're starting a new series called "today" looks back. >> kind of "today's" date in history. with our super bowl theme we're going back to february 1st, 2004. remember this? 89 million american viewers got an eyeful of janet jackson, with a little assist from justin timb timberlake and the term "wardrobe malfunction" was born. ♪ don't be so quick to walk away dance with me i want to rock your body please stay dance with me you don't have to admit you want to play dance with me
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> clippard-like system moving across the area. more significant snow accumulations over the eastern shore. this moves through with windy, cold conditions behind it. besting your 40 miles an hour and a the northwest.
9:29 am
9:30 am
cop in new zealand who wants to ban cat, wants to get rid of domesticated cats. >> one man in new zealand wants to ban cats, a prominent cats, natural-born killers. when interviewed he had this to say. >> i don't like cats. they're mean and nasty. i don't like cats at all. >> what does it have to do with natalie? >> it wasn't her voice. >> they faked natalie's voice. that was jay leno having a little fun. i'm willie geist along with tamron hall and weekend "today"
9:31 am
hosts lester holt and erica hill. natalie is in baltimore. >> bring it. >> i'm only going to do it if you stand up and do it with me, guys. >> lester, go get 'em. >> that's right. >> come on. >> here we go. >> just dropped my mike. >> grab your -- >> grab our what? oh, calves, okay. >> you own it. >> okay. rub it in. >> rub it in, okay. >> here it goes. right foot. shake it. left. shake it. then right leg out. left leg up. >> okay, natalie.
9:32 am
>> grab your calves, right leg, left leg. whoo! >> okay. >> there we go. >> there she goes. >> like james brown getting her cape. >> getting the cape. >> natalie, have fun down there. we'll see you. >> wow! we'll have to spend a whole weekend watching you practice. >> i'm so sorry we roped you into that. cruel and dirty trick. >> studio 1a, tell people what's coming up on saturday and sunday. no one saw our dancing. >> no word about dancing. >> don't worry, we didn't pull it off. >> speak for yourself. >> true. >> we know there will be a lot of dancing. what else do you have this weekend? >> more super bowl xlvii. live in the big easy with the pregame fever taking over new
9:33 am
orleans. it's not all dancing. we'll have a complete wrap-up, including the battle of the sandwiches. san francisco versus baltimore not only on the field but when it comes to super bowl sami platters. and alicia keys is the next syringe to tackle "the star spangled banner." why so many people, including grammy winners, have such a tough time with our national anthem. >> it's a tough song like yankee doodle dandy. what might be next for the former first lady, waking up with a new job tomorrow. putting lester to work again. mac n cheese last weekend, inspired by my mom's recipe. and this weekend, what my dad would call beef bourginogn.
9:34 am
>> i thought he was being nice and i had really good reviews. in fact, he said he was going to give the recipe to his wife so she could try it. >> girlfriend? i didn't hear anything -- you lost me after girlfriend. >> attractive young lady. >> erica? >> willie, don't ever try that girlfriend over here. >> all right, guys. >> better shot. >> see you tomorrow, girlfriend. all right. check of the weather now with al for some weather on this super bowl weekend. >> even 3,000 miles away, that sounds very awkward. okay. almost as awkward as that dancing. we don't have -- yes, willie? did you say something? >> girlfriend over here. >> okay. anyway, we're going to allow the
9:35 am
49ers to do their dancing in the end zone this weekend. but in any event, let's show you what we've got as far as your weather is concerned for the weekend. looking ahead toward saturday, out west it will be fantastic. beautiful weather. frigid conditions around the great lakes. lake-effect snow showers. sunny and mild through the gulf coast. super bowl sunday, sunday, a lot of snow in the northeast. showers in the pacific northwest. nice and mild through the southern third of the country and, as you can see in new orleans, going to be looking good. sunny, mild, 66 on super bowl sunday. that's what's going on a >> good morning. we have some snow showers moving across the. this morning. the snow will taper off
9:36 am
>> that's your latest weather. i've got to get back. arturo, taking the cable car. take it away. willie, tamron, everybody, we'll see you on monday. happy super bowl! ♪ i left my heart >> announcer: "today's" healthy heart is brought to you by v-8. 100% vegetable juice. could have had a v-8. >> al, thanks. we'll see you back here in new york on monday. this morning on "today's" healthy heart, how much do you know about avoiding heart disease? dr. lisa goldberg is a cardiologist at the new york university langon medical center. we've got our paddles ready to go. you both look great in red. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we studied a lot, doctor. >> we will see. >> ready?
9:37 am
myth or fact, a handful of nuts is a heart healthy snack option. >> i'm going to say fact. >> i'm going to say fact. >> you're both right. >> oh, great. i thought it was a trick question. >> almonds or walnuts. >> unsalted? >> unsalted, roasted or raw. myth or fact, you should exercise one hour daily to have a healthy heart. >> myth. >> myth. >> right. do you know how many minutes? >> 30 minutes, because star jones just told us. >> that's right, 30 minutes a day. you don't have to do it all at once if you're a busy person. break it up into ten-minute intervals. >> is it just getting your heart rate up? does it mean walking? >> walking, dancing, cycling, whatever you want. >> 0 minutes a day. >> getting in and out of the pool. myth or fact, healthy bmi, body mass index, should fall between the range of 18.5 and 24.9. >> fact. >> it is a fact. 25% is overweight.
9:38 am
greater than 30 is obese. you don't have to do the math. just go to the american heart association website and check out your bmi. >> find out that number. >> it's very easy. question four, myth or fact, you should take a vitamin d tablet for a healthy heart. >> fact. >> i'll go myth. >> tamron, you're right. >> you gave me a little wink like -- >> she's not going to give you the answer. >> vitamin d is important for your bones. in fact, vitamin tablets don't prevent heart disease. you have to eat the vitamins in your food, like green leafy vegetables. >> one more. i have to come back here. >> myth or fact shortness of breath can be a sign of heart attack. >> fact. >> that's a fact. pain in the jaw, sudden collapse, unexplained fatigue. excellent. >> tamron wins, 4-3. >> whe all win because we got nw information.
9:39 am
after-school special brought to you by -- >> dr. lisa goldberg, thank you very much for important information this morning. >> thank you. coming up, ooh, i love this one. beauty products for winter skin right after this. ecided to put aside our rivalry. ecided to 'cause all our states are great. and now is when the gulf gets even better. the beaches and waters couldn't be more beautiful. take a boat ride or just lay in the sun. enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty. and don't forget our amazing seafood. so come to the gulf, you'll have a great time. especially in alabama. you mean mississippi. that's florida. say louisiana or there's no dessert. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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i don't know? what? introducing huggies mommy answers. the best advice in one place. from the brand new moms trust. this is amazing, how did you find us? i thought we might be related, so i had a fiber analysis done and sure enough, we're family. but you're not even shredded. you're...crunchy?! that happens sometimes. and you help keep people full with whole grain fiber? just like you guys. [ female announcer ] they're different, but the same. new frosted mini-wheats crunch. a tasty square packed with a crunch... [ crunch! ] ...of whole grain fiber that helps keep you full. it's a big breakfast... [ crunch! ] new a little biscuit. smile! ohhh bring it in! ooohhhooh! this morning on "today's" beauty, winter skin care. cold, dry temperatures can be harsh on your hands, feet or face. dr. deborah watenberg is here to
9:43 am
help your skin beat the winter blue blues. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> before we get to specific items and issues, let's talk overall prevention. your skin is beautiful. you're doing something right. >> thank you. >> really, it's important this time of year to prevent your skin from drying out, the heat, the cold weather, the wind. you want to shorten your showers. you want to avoid excessively hot water. that will pull the natural oils off your skin. limit your alcohol intake. stay hydrated, and apply tons of moisturizer. >> you would think water would moisturize it. >> unfortunately when you're in the shower, the water will actually evaporate off the surface of your skin very quickly, leaving you dry. if you want to stay in the water for a long period of time, take a warm bath. >> oh, okay. let's get to some of the products you have here. >> it's really important to change your routine during the winter because what worked in the summer won't necessarily work in the wintertime. these products contain humectin. i really like products like this, which are gels and contain
9:44 am
a little bit of hyuralonic acid, it acts like a sponge and absorbs water on to your skin. then you can apply moisturizer, like this, that contains some glycerin and dimethicone. they seal in the moisture. >> you don't have to worry about buildup with these either. >> correct. >> moving on to getting that glow that we all want. >> you have to eliminate the dry, dead skin on the surface of your body in order to get the glow. i love doing it mechanically, one way. this is a clarisonic brush. you can leave it in the shower, with the body extension. you can also do it with a loofah, an inexpensive way, or chemicalically. look for retinol. look for glycolic acid to unstick the glue, give you a glow. mix in a tiny bit of sunless tanning. >> perfect. tired eyes. >> smoking, stress, the sun. all those things.
9:45 am
you want to use products that are rich in emolience. some products contain bleach and natural bleach. licorice, mulberry, soy, will lighten the area under the eyes. >> chapped, dry lips this time of the year. >> the thin is really thin and there's no oil glands. neutrogena lip balm contains sun screen. >> how do you avoid the waxy buildup? some sticks you put on and on. >> take a toothbrush, very lightly brush the surface of your lips. if they're inflamed or irritated take hydrocortisone ointment, not the cream. >> hands, make sure they're moisturized? >> gloves are key. these gloves are could then lined. it's important to protect your hands and apply a moisturizer that will seep in with sun
9:46 am
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9:50 am
party. lifestyle expert and creator of the website, britandco. how to score with your party. >> ooh, i like that line. >> super bowl fans care about three things, the game, the commercials and the food. focus on an epic drink and food tab table. starting with the table cloth, we went with a solid black table cloth, amped it up by putting this tape on here that holds your decor in place and gives it a referee look. team neutral. >> pom poms up front. >> made out of metallic tissue paper. fold it up into an accord iion d tape it to the table. it's disposable for all of your guests. we repurchased these vegetable cans and put brown paper on them to make them look like football
9:51 am
cans. >> what are we doing with the penalty flag? >> we tied them around ping pong balls. throw them at the tv. >> oh, my gosh. >> use them to wipe off your fingers. of course, we've got the ravens and niners, all about that party city. >> how to keep your beer cold. >> diy cozies. you hot glue the edges, put on your favorite number and set it up here on rootbeer or real beer. >> very cute. >> let's get into the food. just like we did with the silver wear cans, we made snack cones for our chips, popcorn, candy, whatever you want. >> nice, nice. >> now chalk board paint is my favorite thing for the last decade. >> why? >> labeling for your guests. cheese plates, so your guest knows exactly what they're eating. >> i love the accessibility, everything is easy to get to. >> while you're talking, forgive me, i've been looking at a
9:52 am
chocolate football. >> move over hollow chocolate easter bunny. this is from philip's chocolate. you can still order it today in time for the game on sunday. >> really? >> wow! >> crack it open at half time, after the game. >> what's in it? >> it's hollow. >> like the bunny from easter. >> oh, yeah! >> i recommend sharing. >> i thought it was mine. thanks. >> back to the food, we went with the football theme again here. football deviled eggs, chocolate dipped football strawberries and dyed coconut green and put on these cupcake toppers for the cupcakes here. >> what is this? i feel threatened here. >> excited about this. >> take one. these are called confetti eggs. they're hollowed eggshells filled with con fety. >> how do you do it? >> one, two, three, touchdown! >> i'm sorry. >> gosh! >> willie?
9:53 am
>> what the -- is that their intended use, to smash an unsuspecting victim over the head? you are never coming back on this show. your final appearance. >> can i do a redo? >> no, of course you can't have a redo. brit, thank you. we're back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
well, i'll take the weekend to heal my head wound. >> can i break this bottle? >> not at all. brit, thank you. we'll take a look at our favorite super bowl ads. but next kathie lee and hoda have their own super bowl party.
9:56 am
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